BARROCO CODE is 2D bar code, black&white dot image.

Image is generated and recognized by proprietary software.
BARROCO CODE can be used for storing any type of file.

BARROCO CODE has built-in compression, encryption and error correction. There are optional error correction levels.

As encryption is used AES (Rijndael) with 160 bit key length.
Key is calculated from password (used SHA1 hashing).

BARROCO CODE can be electronically transferred as image file, included into any document as image, printed on paper or label or send by fax.

BARROCO CODE enables secure communication, sending encrypted files across internet, LAN, delivering files on paper or by fax.

Stored file can be divided into two parts (two BARROCO code images). File can be reconstructed if both parts are available. Error correction redundancy is included on both parts of code.

See detailed list of features.


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