Mosaic Creator - User's comments and reviews

A very nice piece of software! I'm making a Christmas present mosaic that will be much appreciated!

Thanks, Geoff


Hi, I have tried several mosaic programs and like Mosaic Creator best.



Hi there,
I am excited about your product and because I believe in supporting such shareware, I immediately purchased the Lite version.

Thank you, Kat. Caverly


I am very pleased with your product, and continue to use it and recommend it to others.



Thank you so much, Olej!
My wife loved her anniversary present, and had me make a variation for her father.


Still, I'm very impressed with what you have done with Mosaic Creator. All-in-all, I'd says it's the best program in its class. I hope you can find the time to continue to improve it. Thanks for the effort you put into this version. I think it's a significant improvement over an already fantastic program.



Awesome program! I'm saving up for the Professional version. Keep making the awesome programs,



Hi Olej,
Mosaic Creator is a wunderfull software, I have "played" one night with it. Here one of my of my best Pictures, it shows a Porsche (see gallery) . The source image is only used once in the hole picture as cell image, look at top of the car!

Greetings Birger


Dear Sir or Ma'am,
My name is P. H. I am a photographer for the US Navy.I was looking for a good mosaic software to use in my graphics photolab in order to make interesting layouts for sailors that are retiring and re-enlisting, I found your software to be just what I was looking for.


Dear Olej,
first I wanna thank you for such a good software ...



I just played with the trial version and was so impressed that I ordered your pro version.



Hi, I've downloaded the shareware version of your Mosiac Creator software, and it works great!



Dude. :) We featured this on today's show - I LOVE IT!!!



Hi, I downloaded a version of mosaic creator, and was v impressed, I'd like to order a copy of the lite version ...



Hi, I downloaded a trial version of this software and I am extremely impressed with the software. I am considering purchasing the software.



Hello Olej, thank you very much. The results are great.



Editor's review of Mosaic Creator

This utility successfully produces photo mosaics or basic thumbnail galleries, though its large feature set might cause the learning curve to be a bit steep. When you launch the program, a step-by-step wizard will walk you through the process of creating mosaics, montages, Web gallery thumbnails, mosaics from text, ASCII mosaic, or mosaics from ceramics or stones. The dedicated control panel offers more than 80 cell styles and lets you alter cell size, shape, and filling options. Mosaic Creator also lets you add text or image-based watermarks to pictures. The feature that creates thumbnail galleries is quite simple, only allowing you to choose the background color, thumbnail style, and image size. Still, users who are primarily concerned with creating photo mosaics should definitely give this application a try.

Mosaic Creator 2.35
Review Gordon Laing [20-09-2002]

You know those giant images which actually consist of a montage of
tiny photos? With Mosaic Creator, you can now create your own. It's an eight-step process which can be as easy or complex as you like. You start by choosing your main image, followed by the selection of tiny images which will make up the montage. Next you specify the size and shape of the each cell, along with any further enhancements such as blurring and masking. Then, hey presto! There's your photo montage.
This trial version has limited file sizes but is still very usable.

The Verdict
A great way to jazz up your photos.

Mosaic Creator 2.3

Use this to transform an image into an interesting mosaic design. Just load an image and then select one of the mosaic patterns to apply. There are several to choose from. This is a great stand-alone tool for anyone who works with images and wants to create nice-looking mosaic effects. (site discontinued)
Mosaic Creator 1.4

Mosaic Creator is a good mosaic creator. It has many variations on
cell, different shapes and sizes, as well as mode of reconstruction
such as colour matching, placing small images as tiles, and photo
mosaics. Although slower on large pictures with small cells, it is
very easy to use, and produces marvellous images.
Mosaic Creator 2.5

Mosaic Creator - Shareware (30 day trial) but of a higher quality than Centarsia. Allows you to create not only rectangular mosaics, but any kind of tesselation you can imagine. Has great options for adjusting the output, and works by modifying the colour balance of individual tiles to fit the base image, rather than just applying an alpha layer afterwards. Both packages allow you to generate large format, poster-sized mosaics, but Mosaic Creator handles this in a more sensible way, letting you define the DPI resoultion and scaling.
Mosaic Creator 1.2 (21.09.2000)


Kennen Sie die typischen PC-Mosaikbilder? Bei diesen oft in der Werbung eingesetzten Mosaik-Plakaten wird ein großes Motiv aus lauter kleinen Minibildern aufgebaut. Eben dieses Verfahren nutzt auch der Mosaic Creator. Nur ist dieses Programm im Gegensatz zur Konkurrenz sehr einfach zu bedienen und auch für den Privatanwender erschwinglich.

Ein Assistent nimmt den Anwender bei der Hand und führt ihn Schritt für Schritt von der Planung bis zum fertigen Bild. Zunächst gilt es, die gewünschte Verfahrensweise festzulegen. Das Motiv des Mosaiks kann wahlweise aus lauter kleinen Bildern, aus immer dem gleichen Minibild oder aus einer Textur zusammengesetzt werden. Wer möchte, lässt den Creator die Farben der Mosaikbausteine so anpassen, dass das Ergebnis nicht mehr ganz so kantig aussieht. # Als Quelle für die Bilderbastelarbeiten werden Dateien in den Formaten BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, WMF und EMF akzeptiert. Nach der Auswahl des eigentlichen Motivs und dem Verzeichnis mit den Mosaik-Bildern kann der Anwender festlegen, wie viele Mosaiksteine zum Einsatz kommen sollen, wie oft sich ein Minibild im Mosaik wiederholen darf und ob die Steine in eine rechteckige oder in eine andere geometrische Form zu pressen sind. Binnen weniger Sekunden ist das fertige Mosaik angelegt und im BMP-Format gespeichert.

Die Testversion hält 30 Tage vor. Die Lite-Version für knapp 30 Dollar schreibt Bilder bis 25 Megabyte. Für den gewerblichen Einsatz gibt es von Andrej Olej eine erweiterte und teurere Version.

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